Friday, March 27, 2009

Master Status... Over Our Own Attitudes

I haven't posted here in awhile. Mostly, when I have had time, I have posted to my other blog, The Brick Street Bungalow. Spring is such a beautiful time in East Texas. Just incredible. With a hectic scurrying to finish preparations for the Historic Tyler on Tour (April 3-5 for any of you interested), I've been on a mission to mission mode. Not much time to consider things... but, definitely soaking up the beauty... Living The Good Life.

It is all about attitude. Half-full/Half-empty. Knowing this. Having it reconfirmed at every turn. Why do, on occasion, I let outside sources determine whether or not I am happy??? You would think at 52 I might be mastering that a bit more... And, I can tell you I have "come a long way, baby"... still, I would like to move to master status over my own attitude. I am at a masters age group in every other activity! I always rebound to half-full... but, I can fall off in a funk and take awhile getting back! What gives us solid focus on our own attitude? How do we not become distracted by outside sources?


  1. By always remembering that we have a choice. =)
    Love you.

  2. Remembering... and then choosing... how easy it is to forget. =)