Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beginning Yoga 101 at the Windhorse Yoga Studio

Along the lines of trying new things, I signed up for Beginning Yoga 101 at the Windhorse Yoga Studio. It is crystal clear to me that I could use some flexibility (physical and mental). Even more so now that I have attended three classes. I STILL think my ankles are going to explode in the hero pose (just sitting back with your legs folded under you, beside your bottom).

I love the yoga studio. The owners aced tranquil and attractive. Our instructor is passionate about yoga. I appreciate all who have passion. So, maybe with love of my surroundings and appreciation of my instructor, I will be able to withstand the restrictions of my body long enough to develop some flexibility! =)

She says it is like water dripping on a rock... Think I will live long enough to sit without pain?


And light... Have to love that! Katie is a newby to yoga, too. We are having fun.

See what I mean?

Gleaming... clean... simple... serene... with a hint of the exotic...


yeah, yeah... that's just how I do it... =)

Graceful... THAT'S what I want to be... =)


  1. If only you could have Milha take a photo of you doing one of your poses. That would make this photo album complete. =)

  2. Probably NOT! LOL! The silent scream frozen on my face is NOT all that becoming. =)

  3. wow..the place is lovely.Our dance studio is has the same flooring but the over all ambience is beautiful here^_^
    And flexibility will come.If you don't have it,they'll show you how to get it.Believe me and thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. I am trusting that all you flexible people know the way! And that one day, I, too, will be flexible! LOL. Thank you for the encouragement, Deboshree! =)