Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The End of THE Cake Story

This is my brother, Jeff. As you may recall, I USED my brother's birthday as a rationalization to indulge in another piece of THE cake last Friday. Little did I know, at the time I was savoring chocolate in "celebration" of his birthday, he was indeed only twenty miles away! He had come in to fish in a tournament with his son, Nathan!

We were excited to get to meet him at The Purple Pig for a sandwich and a visit!! If you are ever near Bullard, you should give it a try. YUM.

AND, I could give him a slice of birthday cake... see, it WAS for him. LOL. Thank you, Jeff! It was great to see you!! Thank goodness the temptation is finally GONE!


  1. Purple Pig, chocolate cake and a visit with family. Hate that I missed out on all of those things. =-( Will you make a chocolate cake to celebrate Baby Correa's birthday? XOXO

  2. I love the purple pig, We eat there almost ever saturday afternoon.

  3. Oh, man! Those Pigs are goooood. I got hooked on them during a monthly visit to Canton to meet my daughter and dear friend, Barbara. The purple pig was my favorite choice for lunch... if I ever venture to try something different, I always regretted not getting my pig fix. I was most excited to have this one so close and open all the time!