Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No golf today...

My friend, Milha, took this photo a couple of weeks ago. Today, I am missing my chance for golf in exchange for waiting on the heating and air conditioning unit to replaced at our house. Not nearly as much fun...

We had a great weekend filled with friends. Friday Barbara and Tony came to stay for a day. We sat on the porch and talked away the afternoon. Milha and Johnny came for dinner... we enjoyed good company, smoked chicken, roasted asparagus, new potato salad, corn casserole, Sister Shupert's rolls and blueberry-lemon cake. I had laughed and smiled until my face hurt!

Saturday, Barbara and Tony were here until early afternoon. We hated to see them go... But, we moved on to a wonderful retirement party for Johnny. Forty-three years. Impressive. It was a perfect evening... with a cool breeze, fun music, children dancing the night away, Country Tavern ribs and a warm good-bye...


  1. I'm've tried hitting balls with my husband...I'm terrible...will have to stick to putt putt golf

  2. awww....sounds like such a perfect evening!!
    By the way..exams over today!! Yipee!!

  3. Deb, I never said I wasn't terrible... lol... just enjoy being on the course... =)

    Deboshree, woo hoo (in Texas that is a celebratory sound!) for your exams being over! And, yes, anytime you smile so much your face hurts, it is a perfect time.

    Thank ya'll so much for stopping by.

  4. Wish I could have been a part of your celebrations. I could use a day of smiling and laughing until my face hurts! =) Can't wait to see you next weekend. Counting the days...