Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pistol Packin' Nanas

Yes... we are pistol-packin' Nanas. My friend, Milha, and I went to the range today. I still hate the noise, even with ear plugs and headphones! It would help if my dear friend didn't feel the need to blast away with a .357 magnum! LOL My little M&P 9mm is much quieter. Yes, I am going to be a grandmother this year! I am so excited. My daughter has been after me to decide what I want to be called (as if that will matter... whatever that precious child calls me will be wonderful!). Milha, who is Nana, suggested Granna, a play on Tanna. Amanda has suggested Lolly, since Evan is already a Pop-Pop. I don't know... Taking suggestions... =)


  1. Now, you know that the baby won't be able to actually call you anything for more than a year. So in the meantime, we need something to refer to you as... =) Maybe PPN for Pistol Packin' Nana!

  2. LOL! Maybe so. Love you and can't wait for that baby!! =)