Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Okay, I have to admit that the more I read blogs, the more intimidated I get about making posts. Now the reality is that very few people will even see my blog, so I just need to get over it! LOL. There are some really talented people out there in blogville. It is amazing how far you can wander by just following links from one to the next.

The cold has settled in here again. Really, it is both frustrating and amusing how we, in the South, react to just the threat of a winter storm. Now mind you, it was 75 degrees last weekend. The news stations issued a winter storm warning last night for today. And, indeed, it was 27 degrees when I went for my walk, but clear. I rushed back to make my Cocoon-like Aquatics class at 8 AM. Reached the front door of the YMCA only to be greeted by a sign stating, "Pool closed until 9 as a precaution to the weather." People, the ground is so warm there could be no freezing unless on a bridge or overpass (most always an alternate route available in Tyler). No Aquatics for me.

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  1. The baby will probably name you anyway. Right now I'm Gran (as my kids call my Dad). Can't wait to see what Peder decides to call me! My friend, JuDee, insists that her new grandson will call her GiGi....sounds young!