Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Clean Slate

Now that I have determined that I am working with a clean slate, what, I ask myself, am I going to put on the slate? The pre-change me had a set of behaviors, activities, ideas, roles, and conditions that defined my life as I knew it: a self concept. Is there anything left of that? Yes, I still enjoy:

Being wife to my husband (actually, that may fall under the new. =) ).
Spending time with my children.
Laughing (or crying) with my friends.
Drinking a cold beer.
Sitting on my porch.
Playing golf.
Being outdoors.
Seeing new places.
Anything inspiring!
Good food.
The smell of a cigar, morning air, nightfall, steak on the grill, fall, scented geraniums…
A sense of adventure.
People who overcome, who succeed, who push themselves to new heights, who thrive!
Old homes, brick street neighborhoods, beautiful yards.
Feeling fit (I miss this and I want it back).

New things to try:

Digital Camera Class
Walking (maybe back to running one day).
Obviously, this is the list I am going to have to work on! =)

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