Monday, February 23, 2009

Living the Good Life

For my little group of family and friends, you will notice that the title of this blog has changed AGAIN. It has morphed from, "Menopausal Madness" to "Menopausal Metamorphosis" to "The Change: Women of a Certain Age." Now I am to "living the good life"... I guess I have moved a good way through the metamorphosis that accompanies this passage. I am definitely a survivor. I can get down and get 'er done when the going gets tough; but, even more than that, I am a thriver. I believe in adapting: accepting what you have to, changing what you can and learning to love wherever you are in life. We moved a lot throughout my childhood. Maybe that's where I learned to be such a good little adapter... or maybe it is just inherent in my nature. Whatever the reason, I am going to thrive as a crone. =)

I will be calmer.
I will be more tolerant.
I will be wise.
I will grow and learn.
I will laugh... a lot!
I will love... even more.
I will TRUST God.
I will let go.
I will be free.

I am calmer.
I am more tolerant.
I am wise.
I grow and learn.
I laugh... a lot!
I love... even more.
I let go.
I am free.

I am living the good life...


  1. Teaching me that I can survive and learn to thrive could be one of the greatest legacies that you will pass down. I love that lesson. I think it requires you to look for the good in everything and to keep your eye on the things you can be grateful for. =) Thank you for teaching me a lesson that serves me well in life. Especially these days. I love you.

  2. You make me cry... I don't know how I was ever so fortunate to have a child like you, but I am grateful... GRATEFUL... =)